Expressive Breath Modeling

TitleExpressive Breath Modeling
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsComajuncosas, J. M.
preprint/postprint documentstatic/media/Comajuncosas-Josep-Maria-Master-Thesis-2010.pdf
AbstractThis Master Thesis is devoted to the research in normal and pathologic breath noises in order to develop a sound generator which is able to recreate a variety of respiratory sounds and patterns. The provided breathing model consists of a breathing pattern generator, which computes the target airflow, a normal sound generator, which computes the noisy part of the breathing sounds, and a wheeze generator, which computes the continuous adventitious sounds characteristic from some respiratory pathologies. The synthesis engine uses a single recorded respiratory cycle to model a whole breathing pattern by inferring a mapping from airflow to RMS and resynthesizing the proper frames from the reference sample. Time-interpolated, noise-excited LPC analysis/resynthesis is employed for the noisy part and time-domain based sinusoidal resynthesis is used to model asthmatic wheezes. A Matlab prototype was implemented and some user tests evaluated the realism and expressiveness of the generated sounds.