Inferring Semantic Facets of a Music Folksonomy with Wikipedia

TitleInferring Semantic Facets of a Music Folksonomy with Wikipedia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSordo, M., Gouyon F., Sarmento L., Celma Ò., & Serra X.
Journal TitleJournal of New Music Research
Journal Date12/2013
Short TitleJournal of New Music Research
KeywordsInformation retrieval,, Music tagging, Representation, Semantic categorization, Social aspects, Social music, Wikipedia
AbstractMusic folksonomies include both general and detailed descriptions of music, and are usually continuously updated. These are significant advantages over music taxonomies, which tend to be incomplete and inconsistent. However, music folksonomies have an inherent loose and open semantics, which hampers their use in many applications, such as structured music browsing and recommendation. In this paper, we present a system that can (1) automatically obtain a set of semantic facets underlying the folksonomy of the social music website, and (2) categorize tags with respect to the obtained facets. The semantic facets are anchored upon the structure of Wikipedia, a dynamic repository of universal knowledge.
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