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Kettle: A Real-time model for Orchestral Timpani

Title Kettle: A Real-time model for Orchestral Timpani
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2010
Conference Name Sound and Music Computing
Authors Papiotis, P. , & Papaioannou G.
Conference Start Date 21/07/2010
Conference Location Barcelona, Spain
Abstract The orchestral timpani are a key component in western classical music, although their weight, size, and fragility make their transportation very difficult. Current commercial software synthesizers for the Orchestral Timpani are primarily sample-based and work with a MIDI keyboard, giving the user control over the note amplitude and pitch. This approach implements a virtual five-piece set of orchestral timpani, which is controlled using a pressure- sensitive graphics tablet. A brief analysis of the mechanics and playing techniques of the Timpani is presented, followed by their approximation by this model’s control scheme and sound engine. Thereon, the details of the model’s implementation are explained, and finally the results of the model are presented along with conclusions on the subject.
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