Development strategies for tangible interaction on horizontal surfaces

TitleDevelopment strategies for tangible interaction on horizontal surfaces
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
Conference NameTangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction
AuthorsJordà, S., Hunter S., Pla P., Gallardo D., Leithinger D., Kaufman H., Julià C. F., & Kaltenbrunner M.
Conference Start Date25/01/2010
PublisherACM New York, USA
Conference LocationMIT medialab, Boston MA
AbstractTangible interactions on horizontal surfaces are increasingly relevant for collaborative applications, embodied interaction, musical performance, and interaction with 3D information. This unique studio opportunity introduces approaches to developing applications on four related platforms: the Reactable: a musical tabletop, and its companion fiducial tracking system reacTIVision, Microsoft Surface: a commercial multi-touch table, MemTable: a large interactive tabletop, and Relief: a responsive 3D surface. It will focus on the unique affordances of multi-input and multi-user event handling shared and afforded by each of the four platforms. Participants will work in small groups within some simplified code templates to develop a small applications focused on co-located input by multiple people, combining the use of tangible objects and touch input.
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