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Modeling instrumental gestures: an analysis/synthesis framework for violin bowing

Title Modeling instrumental gestures: an analysis/synthesis framework for violin bowing
Publication Type PhD Thesis
Year of Publication 2009
University Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Authors Maestre, E.
Advisor Serra, X.
Academic Department Department of Information and Communication Technologies
Abstract This work presents a methodology for modeling instrumental gestures in excitation-continuous musical instruments. In particular, it approaches bowing control in violin classical performance. Nearly non-intrusive sensing techniques are introduced and applied for accurately acquiring relevant timbre-related bowing control parameter signals and constructing a performance database. By defining a vocabulary of bowing parameter envelopes, the contours of bow velocity, bow pressing force, and bow-bridge distance are modeled as sequences of Bézier cubic curve segments, yielding a robust parameterization that is well suited for reconstructing original contours with significant fidelity. An analysis/synthesis statistical modeling framework is constructed from a database of parameterized contours of bowing controls, enabling a flexible mapping between score annotations and bowing parameter envelopes. The framework is used for score-based generation of synthetic bowing parameter contours through a bow planning algorithm able to reproduce possible constraints imposed by the finite length of the bow. Rendered bowing control signals are successfully applied to automatic performance by being used for driving offline violin sound generation through two of the most extended techniques: digital waveguide physical modeling, and sample-based synthesis.
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