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SALERO: Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects

Title SALERO: Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2009
Conference Name International Broadcasting Conference (IBC 2009)
Authors Thallinger, G. , Kienast G. , Mayor O. , Cullen C. , Hackett R. , & Jose J.
Conference Start Date 10/09/2009
Conference Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Broadcasters around the world are in desperate need to automate content production as much as possible. This need is twofold on the one side automatic production for good structured program parts is needed on the other hand production for different target devices is an issue. The EC project SALERO has developed a range of tools enabling automatic template based production of animation clips with virtual presenters over the past years.

In this paper we describe the workflow devised by the project to automate major parts of media production based on 3D content. This is accompanied by a description by the individual tools developed and examples from the experimental productions implemented with this tools.

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