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SMSPD, LIBSMS and a Real-Time SMS Instruments

Title SMSPD, LIBSMS and a Real-Time SMS Instruments
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2009
Conference Name International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
Authors Eakin, R. T. , & Serra X.
Conference Start Date 1/9/2009
Conference Location Como, Italy
Abstract We present a real-time implementation of SMS synthesis in Pure
Data. This instrument focuses on interaction with the ability to
continuously synthesize any frame position within an SMS sound
representation, in any order, thereby freeing time from other pa-
rameters such as frequency or spectral shape. The instrument can
be controlled expressively with a Wacom Tablet that offers both
coupled and absolute controls with good precision. A prototype
graphical interface in python is presented that helps to interact with
the SMS data through visualization. In this system, any sound
sample with interesting spectral features turns into a playable in-
strument. The processing functionality originates in the SMS C
code written almost 20 years ago, now re-factored into the open
source library, libsms, also wrapped into a python module. A set of
externals for Pure Data, called smspd, was made using this library
to facilitate on-the-fly analysis, flexible modifications, and inter-
active synthesis. We discuss new transformations are introduced
based on the possibilities of this system and ideas for higher-level,
feature based transformations that benefit from the interactivity of
this system.
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