Applying Improved Spectral Modeling for High Quality Voice Conversion

TitleApplying Improved Spectral Modeling for High Quality Voice Conversion
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
Conference NameICASSP 2009
AuthorsVillavicencio, F., Röbel A., & Rodet X.
Conference Start Date20/04/2009
Conference LocationTaipei - Taiwan
AbstractIn this work, accurate spectral envelope estimation is applied to Voice Conversion in order to achieve High-Quality timbre conversion. True-Envelope based estimators allow model order selection leading to an adaptation of the spectral features to the characteristics of the speaker. Optimal residual signals can also be computed following a local adaptation of the model order in terms of the F0. A new perceptual criteria is proposed to measure the impact of the spectral conversion error. The proposed envelope models show improved spectral conversion performance as well as increased converted-speech quality when compared to Linear Prediction.
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