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Expressive Irish Fiddle Performance Model Informed with Bowing

Title Expressive Irish Fiddle Performance Model Informed with Bowing
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2008
Conference Name International Computer Music Conference
Authors Pérez, A. , Maestre E. , Ramirez R. , & Kersten S.
Abstract We propose an expressive performance model for celtic fiddle
based on the analysis of audio and bowing gestures of real performances.
Existing expressivity models deal with perceptual features such as timing
deviations or dynamics, but in some cases perceptual features are not enough.
We propose a model not only informed with perceptual features but also with
bowing gestures which are acquired by means of a 3D motion tracker system.
Based on a set of expressive audio features and control gestures we apply
machine learning techniques in order to induce an expressive performance model.
We use the model to synthesize expressive celtic violin performances from
inexpressive score descriptions.
In this paper we describe the process of acquiring expressive performance features
(both audio and gestures), we detail the automatic performance-score alignment and segmentation, we show how the model is induced, and finally we evaluate the results using a sample based concatenative synthesizer.
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