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Instalación del MTG en CosmoCaixa

A partir de la tecnologia KaleivoiceCope, Oscar Mayor ha desarrollado una instalación para la exposición Números de buena familia en CosmoCaixa. Esta exposición estuvo en el CosmoCaixa de Madrid y ahora está en Barcelona hasta el 31 de Diciembre del 2008.

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Reactable at ESOF08
The Reactable will be presented at the Euroscience Open Forum, ESOF 2008, that will take place in Barcelona from July 18th to the 22nd. ESOF is a forum for leading scientists, young researchers, policy makers, business people and journalists.
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Seminar by Bruno Giordano on Sound Perception

Bruno L. Giordano, researcher from MGill University, will give a seminar on "Perception of the sound source in purely auditory and multisensory contexts" on Monday July 14th at 12:30 in room 301 of Ocata.

Abstract: Perceptual systems provide the organism with a knowledge of the objects and events that structure the available sensory information. Classical research on audition provides a partial account of the integration of sensory information in everyday perceptual judgments, leaving an empty space between the laboratory and the everyday world. The study of the perception of the sound source aims at filling such a gap. In this talk, I will outline four studies on the perception of the sound source, in purely auditory and multisensory contexts. A first study investigated the identification of the material of struck objects. Biases in identification responses were interpreted as a result of the internalization of statistical regularities in the acoustical environment. A second study assessed the estimation of the similarity of living and nonliving sound sources. Results pointed toward a symbolic listening mode for living sound events, focused on abstract information, and toward a sensory listening mode for nonliving sound events, based on acoustical information. A third study investigated non-visual identification of real walking grounds, focusing on auditory, haptic and proprioceptive information. Multisensory integration yielded different results depending on the classes of investigated materials. For solid materials (e.g., marble), discrimination abilities slightly improved in a multisensory context. For aggregate materials (e.g., gravels), multisensory discrimination was significantly impaired. A final study assessed the integration of auditory and haptic information in action-based perception of striking events. For each single participant, the modality that dominated in a multisensory context was that associated with the largest effects in a unimodal context, and not the most reliable modality which allowed the most precise control of action. However, unimodal reliability appeared to predict modality dominance at the population level.


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Participation at Acoustics'08

Amaury Hazan, Ricard Marxer and Alfonso Perez presented two posters and one paper at the Acoustics 2008 conference that took place in Paris from the 29th of June to the 4th of July 2008.


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Martin Haro hace el parlamento del graduado

Martin Haro, estudiante de Master del MTG, hace el parlamento del graduado en nombre y representación de la promoción de graduados de postgrado de la UPF del 2008. El acto de graduación de los estudiantes de Master y Doctorado de la UPF se celebró el 1 de Julio en el auditorio del Campus de la Ciudadella.

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Participation at CIM08

Emilia Gomez and Jordi Bonada will participate at the 4th Conference for Insterdisciplinary Musicology (CIM08) that will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of July in Thessaloniki.

Emilia is a co-organizer of a special session dedicated to flamenco music and she is also a co-author, together with Jordi, of the paper entitled "Automatic melodic transcription of flamenco singing".

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Golden Nica for the Reactable

The Reactable wins the Golden Nica of the 2008 Prix Ars Electronica in the category of Digital Musics and gets an Honorary Mention in the Digital Communities category.

The Prix Ars Electronica is the most prestigious competition in the field of digital media, it is organized by the Ars Electronica Linz and the prizes are awarded during the Ars Electronica Festival that will take place in Linz from the 4th to the 9th of September.

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YouTube Channel for the MTG
We just created a Channel in YouTube to put videos about the MTG and demos that we have developed. It can be accessed from the main page of our website.
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Nou projecte: Sons de Barcelona
Sons de Barcelona és un nou projecte del MTG que vol promoure el patrimoni sonor de la nostra ciutat a través dels sons aportats pel participants. Per acostar el projecte a qui ho vulgui, oferim tallers a escoles, centres d'art, centres cívics i socials, etc. tallers on enregistrem, modifiquem, parlem sobre el so, i alhora aprenem a compartir-los amb la comunitat de Sons de Barcelona i de
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Seminar by Massimiliano Zanin on Complex Networks

Massimiliano Zanin will give a research seminar on "Complex Networks and Recommendation Systems" on Wednesday June 18th at 13:00h in room 301 of Ocata.

Abstract: The field of Complex Networks has received in last years a lot of attention from the research community: and this is mainly because it can explain the structure of interactions inside a complex system from a global (or topological) point of view. Between others, it has been applied to sociological networks, information transmission optimization, vulnerability forecasting, and to any other context involving a great number of interacting agents. In this talk, Complex Networks will be used as a tool for improving classical Recommendation algorithms: specifically, the effects of the Preferential Attachment growing mechanism are studied, along with a new algorithm for information spreading. The main results obtained by the author will be explained, along with some future lines of investigation.

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