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CASAS project on Spiegel magazine

Article about AI and human voice with references to CASAS project, MTG and Voctro on the printed version of Spiegel magazine. June 2017.


20 Jun 2017 - 13:25 | view
Música en temps digitals
Interview to Sergi Jordà on the TV program Lògic (Barcelona TV) about the music in the digital era. May 22nd, 2017.
20 Jun 2017 - 13:11 | view
The EyeHarp on the radio program Generació Digital
Rafael Ramirez talks about the EyeHarp on the radio program Generació Digital (Catalunya Radio). May 25th, 2017.
20 Jun 2017 - 13:00 | view
Researchers design a singing synthesizer based on state-of-the-art neural networks

Article published in different media about the creation of a new model for singing synthesis based on state-of-the-art neural networks developed by J.Bonada & M.Blaauw.

La Vanguardia

El Periodico


14 Jun 2017 - 09:55 | view
Música: de les col·leccions i els arxius a models computacionals avançats

Emilia Gómez presents the research of the Music Information Research Lab of the MTG. Capsules de Ciència, TV3, January 28th 2017.


10 May 2017 - 15:19 | view
EyeHarp taught in the music school of Santa Perpetua

Article published in the website of Santa Perpetua city council, April 28th, 2017. The article explains that the local music school will incorporate the EyeHarp as a new instrument to the music offer for the next course in order to facilitate access to music for people with motor disabilities.

Foto: Joel Bueno a una classe de música a l'EMMiD / Josep Cano

This information also appeared on:

National TV news (TVE1), May 11th, 2017

El Mundo (Innovadores), May 16th, 2017



3 May 2017 - 13:00 | view
Crean una app que evalúa interpretación de las tradiciones musicales indias

Article published in La Vanguardia and El Periodico about the release of Riyaz app:

La Vanguardia, 30/3/2017

El Periodico, 30/3/2017


31 Mar 2017 - 12:30 | view
A smartphone can be your music guru

Article in the Deccan Herald from Bengaloru, India, on the Riyaz application being developed in the context of CompMusic and through the MTG spin-off Musicmuni. Published on March 12th 2017.

13 Mar 2017 - 10:28 | view
Crean una tecnología que separa el sonido de los instrumentos de una orquesta
1 Mar 2017 - 12:38 | view
Music Technology Group on TV program Deuwatts

MTG appears on the television program Deuwatts of BTV (Barcelona TV).

This is a program focused on science and research in Barcelona, and this one is specifically dedicated to music technology.

10/1/2017, Barcelona televisió.

11 Jan 2017 - 11:53 | view