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Beques de producció Audiovisual i Musical per a Joves Creadors

L'Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual (IUA) de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra i la Fundació Phonos promouen la producció audiovisual i musical experimental basada en les tecnologies digitals. En aquesta línia, convoquen anualment unes beques de producció audiovisual i musical per a projectes audiovisuals o musicals adreçades a nous creadors.

L'objectiu de les beques de creació audiovisual i musical és promoure la producció experimental audiovisual (videoart, animació, interactius en línia o fora de línia...) i musical (música electroacústica, mixta, electrònica...) amb l'ajut de sistemes informàtics de generació o de postproducció d'imatges i/o de sons.

Cal presentar la sol·licitud abans del 20 de juny del 2009.

15 May 2009 - 09:27 | view
Iphone application to access Freesound
A new application for the Iphone, Soundsearch, has just been released to access the sounds of The application isn’t free, but the developer has promised that he will donate part of the income to Freesound.
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Jornada de Portes Obertes al nou Campus

El proper dissabte 16 de maig, entre les 10h i les 14h, el campus de la Comunicació - Poblenou, obrirà les portes per mostrar els estudis i la recerca que es fan als seus Departaments i Instituts. El MTG presentarà diferents projectes de rercerca. El primer, la Reactable, és un instrument musical col·laboratiu dotat d'una interfície tangible en forma de taula. Desplaçant i rotant fitxes transparents sobre una taula lluminosa  diverses persones comparteixen el seu control fent així música de forma col·laborativa. El segon, el Kaleivoicescope, és un sistema que permet transformar la veu d'una persona a una altre, com per exemple, la veu d'un home en la d'una dona o la d'un adolescent en un robot. El tercer i últim projecte és un sistema de captura i visualització dels moviments que fa un violinista mentre toca una peça de música.

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Nit de Música i Tecnologia a CosmoCaixa
El dissabte 16 de maig del 2009, CosmoCaixa, dedica la seva Cosmonit a la música electrònica del segle XX. A les 21:00h Xavier Serra dona una conferència sobre "Els instruments electrònics del segle XX: una història d'amor entre música i tecnologia" i a continuació hi han demostracions de diversos sintetizadors històrics, com el Moog i el Theremin, i es fa un repàs lúdic i ballable de la música electrònica popular. La Cosmonit del dia 16 és una activitat gratuïta en el context de la Nit dels Museus.
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Presentation of the SMC Master on May 9th
As part of the Open Day - UPF Masters 2009-2010 that will take place on the Ciutadella Campus on Saturday 9th from 10:00am to 15:00pm there will  be a presentation by Xavier Serra on the Sound and Music Computing Master and on the other related postgraduate programs offered by the UPF. The deadline for applying to the UPF's Masters is May 15th.
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Seminar by Jessica Grahn on rhythm processing in the brain

On Thursday April 30th at 3pm in room 52.321 Jessica Grahn from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit of Cambridge, UK, will give a seminar on "Rhythm processing in the brain: a focus on motor areas".

Abstract: Perception of auditory rhythms activates brain areas typically associated with movement (premotor cortex (PMC), supplementary motor area (SMA), cerebellum, and basal ganglia), in addition to auditory areas. This talk will describe a series of functional neuroimaging studies that examine how different types of rhythmic patterns are processed in the brain. In particular, regular versus irregular rhythms, different accent types (volume accents vs duration accents vs no accents), and changes in tempi (speeding up or slowing down) are examined. Data will be presented that describes interactions between auditory and motor brain areas, and I will describe behavioural work with Parkinson's disease patients that indicates subtle impairments for certain types of regular beat-based rhythms.

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Registration deadline for the SMC 2009 Summer School is April 24th

The next summer school on Sound and Music Computing will take place in Porto from July 18th to the 21st, 2009, just before the 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference. The deadline for registration is April 24th.

Emila Gomez is one of the coordinators of the school, Xavier Serra one of the teachers and other MTG people will be also involved.

The theme of this summer school is Interacting with Sounds of Porto. During 4 days, the program will include lectures, as well as hands-on practical sessions under the supervision of tutors who will provide one-to-one mentoring on artistic and/or scientific projects focused on interactions with sounds that reflect the city of Porto and its activities.

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Reactable at Musikmesse Frankfurt
The commercial presentation of the Reactable by the spin-off of the MTG, Reactable Systems, will take place at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 in Germany, from April 1st to 4th. The Reactable will be located at stand D96A of Section 5.1.
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Participation at CHI 2009

Gerard Roma and Xavier Serra participate at the CHI 2009 conference that takes place in Boston from April 4th to the 9th 2009. They will be contributing to the one day workshop on Computational Creativity Support with a presentation on Freesound Radio.

The one-day workshop will bring together participants from diverse backgrounds in the HCI, design, art, machine-learning, and algorithms communities to facilitate the advancement of novel creativity support tools. Its main goal is to identify potential collaborations between the diverse communities represented, with a particular emphasis on bringing together members of the HCI/design communities with members of the signal-processing/machine-learning/algorithms communities.


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Participation at the Unlocking Audio 2 Conference

Xavier Serra participates at the Unlocking Audio 2 Conference organized by the British Library in London from the 16th to the 17th of March 2009 with a talk on "Technologies to support the collaborative production of sounds: the example of".

"Unlocking Audio 2: Connecting with Listeners" is a conference dedicated to explore ways that researchers and other audiences expect to discover, browse, audition and analyse archival audio resources.

 Abstract of Xavier's talk:

On-line collaborative production is becoming a very promising way to produce, share and exploit digital content. There are very successful examples of text-based repositories being developed through open and collaborative initiatives. Also a few collaborative repositories of sound and music content are becoming competitive in relation to the traditional industrially produced repositories. However there are many social, cultural, legal and technical issues that impact these initiatives and that need to be carefully studied and planed. In this presentation we want to focus on the technical challenges that these initiatives face and we will use as a test case to explain some of the current technical solutions. is an on-line community of people that share sound files under a creative commons license. They share sound files, snippets, loops, etc? but not music. After three years of activity the Freesound database includes more than 62,000 sound bites. The community has grown to over 800,000 registered users and the website has become very popular among sound-related communities and even among the general public, getting over 20,000 visitors per day.

To support an initiative like it is important to have powerful, scalable, and user-centered web-based technologies. The web-portal has to promote the social interaction and has to give added value to the user content. The content generated by users is very unstructured and for it to be reusable it is necessary to provide advanced information retrieval technologies for searching and organizing the content.  

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