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Reactable Mobile awarded 2on Best iPhone Musical App ever
Best App ever awards results were announced on the recent 2011 Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Reactable Mobile was awarded the 2nd Best iPhone Musical App and the 3rd best iPad Musical App. It was the only app to reach the podium in both iPad and iPhone musical categories.
Best App ever awards are given by popular vote. In this 3rd edition there have been close to 500.000 votes with 609 applications nominated, separated in 50 different categories.
Reactable Mobile, first published on October the 3rd 2010, is a product of Reactable Systems, one of the two spin-off companies of the MTG.

Best App Ever Awards:
Best Musical Apps:
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Phonos: Concert by Julián Elvira
On thursday 27th of January at 19:30 in the Espai Polivalent, Phonos organizes a concert by Juián Elvira with pieces by flute and electronics.
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Xavier Serra is awarded with an ERC Advanced Grant
Xavier Serra, Director of the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant to carry out a project related to multiculturalism and music technology.

The Advanced grants of the European Research Council promote innovative, 'blue sky' research, and are open to top scientist from any discipline. The project CompMusic by Xavier Serra has been funded with 2.5 million Euros and will last 5 years. Here is a brief summary of the project goals:

CompMusic: Computational models for the discovery of the world's music
Current IT research does not respond to the world's multi-cultural reality. It could be argued that we are imposing the paradigms of our market-driven western culture also on IT and that current IT research results will only facilitate the access of a small part of the world’s information to a small part of the world's population. Most IT research is being carried out with a western centred approach and as a result, our data models, cognition models, user models, interaction models, ontologies, … are all culturally biased. This fact is quite evident in music information research, since, despite the world's richness in musical cultures, most of the research is centred on CDs and metadata of our western commercial music. CompMusic wants to break this huge research bias. By approaching musical information modelling from a multicultural perspective it aims at advancing our state of the art while facilitating the discovery and reuse of the music produced outside the western commercial context. But the development of computational models to address the world’s music information richness cannot be done from the West looking out; we have to involve researchers and musical experts immersed in the different cultures. Their contribution is fundamental to develop the appropriate multicultural musicological and cognitive frameworks from which we should then carry our research on finding appropriate musical features, ontologies, data representations, user interfaces and user centred approaches. CompMusic will investigate some of the most consolidated non-western classical music traditions, Indian (hindustani, carnatic), Turkish-Arab (ottoman, andalusian), and Chinese (han), developing the needed computational models to bring their music into the current globalized information framework. Using these music cultures as case studies, cultures that are alive and have a strong influence in current society, we can develop rich information models that can take advantage of the existing information coming from musicological and cultural studies, from mature performance practice traditions and from active social contexts. With this approach we aim at challenging the current western centred information paradigms, advance our IT research, and contribute to our rich multicultural society.

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Postdoc positions funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation
The Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (MICINN) announces the yearly Juan de la Cierva call to fund 3 year postdoc positions for spanish research groups (it closes on 17 February 2011).

Eligible candidates willing to join MTG alba [dot] rosado [at] upf [dot] edu (contact me).

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Sergi Jordà en TEDxRamblas

Conferencia de Sergi Jordà sobre "Educación, creatividad y TIC", y mini-concierto Reactable a cargo de Carles Lòpez, en el ciclo de conferencias TEDxRamblas. Jueves 20 de enero a partir de las 15:30h, en el Museu Maritim de Barcelona.

La conferencia también está disponible en:

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Seminar by Jordi Janer on soundscape modeling

On Thursday, January 13th, at 15:30h in room 52.321 Jordi Janer will give a seminar on "Soundscape modeling: description and generation using unstructured sound databases"

Abstract: A principal role of audio in virtual environments is the creation of a sound ambiance or soundscape. In the context of a research project at the MTG (, we explored the description and generation of soundscapes around the collaborative sound repository

Our research aims at simplifying the authoring process, offering at the same time a realistic and interactive soundscape as a result. Graph models, representing virtual acoustic sources, control the sequencing of events (samples) using concatenative synthesis. Samples are retrieved from a user-contributed audio repository, which integrates a content-based search engine and an ecological acoustics taxonomy. A server architecture allows the synthesis engine to support several independent listeners simultaneously. Client applications are responsible for sending position updates, receiving the soundscape as a web stream.

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Collaboration with the Marató of TV3
The MTG and Reactable Systems have collaborated with the Marató of TV3, which this year was devoted to people with acquired medullary and cerebral injuries. A Reactable installation was present the 18th of December at the Centre Collserola, in the open event organized by the "Associació Catalana de Traumàtics Cranionencefàlics i Dany Cerebral" (TRACE) and the "Unitat d'Estimulació Neurològica" (UEN).
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Phonos: Concert by Grup 21
On Thursday December 16th at 20h in the Espai Polivalent, Phonos is organizing a concert of Grup 21 with Qiao Zhang performing pieces by flute and electronics.
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Talk by Sergi Jordà on tangible and tabletop interaction

On Thursday December 9th at 3:30pm in room 52.321 Sergi Jordà will give a seminar on "Tangible and tabletop interaction research at the MTG".

Abstract: Sergi Jorda will present the research carried in the last years within the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in the field of tangible and tabletop interaction, in particular for the creation of new musical instruments like the Reactable. We will study and unveil the essential reasons that turn live music performance and tabletop interaction into promising and exiting fields of multidisciplinary research and experimentation.  We will also present the newer, non strictly musical research lines, that the team is initiating to explore. Some of these topics include: the potential of surface computing in areas such as edutainment, children, elder people and special education; the potential of these type of interfaces in complex interactive situations and in exploratory and expressive activities; their potential for enhancing creative collaboration through effective emotional communication; and extending surface computing interaction beyond the surface.

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Phonos: Concert by Jorge Variego
On Monday November 22nd at 19:30h in the Espai Polivalent, Phonos is organizing a concert with Jorge Variego performing pieces by clarinet and electronics. 
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