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Phonos Concerts: 16th and 17th of June
Two concerts organized by Phonos on the 16th and 17th of June at 19:30 on the Espai Polivalent of the Communication Campus. On the 16th by Xelo Giner (saxophones) and Damien Paradisi (accordion/electronics) and on the 17th by Polonio.
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Published the list of accepted contributions to SMC2010
The review process for the Sound and Music Computing Conference has been finished and the results are on line. The list of accepted papers and pieces for SMC2010 has been published on the website of the conference.
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Participation to IDC2010 in Barcelona

Oscar Mayor presents an article on KaleiVoiceCope at the International Conference on Interaction Design and Children that takes place in Barcelona from June 9th to the 12th 2010. The Conference is organized by people from the UPF.

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Phonos: Audiovisual and Musical Grants for Young Creators
The Phonos Foundation offers grants to young creators. The deadline for applications is June 20th 2010.
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Phonos Concert: ESMUC Laptop Orchestra
On Tuesday 1st of June 2010 at 19:30h in the Espai Polivalent of the Tànger Building, Phonos Foundation organizes a concert by the ESMUC Laptop Orchestra.
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Phonos Concert: Claudio Nervi - David Dalmazzo
On Thursday 6th of May 2010 at 19:30h on the Espai Polivalent of the Tànger Building, Phonos Foundation organizes a concert with pieces by Claudio Nervi and by David Dalmazzo.
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Research internship at the MTG
The MTG offers a part-time research internship (beca de colaboración) for a period of six months to work within a research project dedicated to the development of an educational web portal of classical music (

The goal of the internship is to build a music visualization system within a web infrastructure. The system should automatically generate a video from an audio recording based on a set of descriptors which are automatically computed with MTG technologies. These descriptors are related to the score of the piece and the instruments playing it. This video should be shown on the web, but the generation of the video could be performed off-line. (References: Music Animation Machine, MAM Player)

The internship is for 3 hours a day and a salary of 450€/month. Interested students should send their CV to alba [dot] rosado [at] upf [dot] edu
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Xavier Serra at Music Meets Science Festival
Xavier Serra gives a talk on "Understanding musical performance gestures" a the Music Meets Science Festival that takes place in Zutphen (Netherlands) from the 16th to the 18th of April 2010.
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Sergi Jordà at CHI 2010
Sergi Jordà gives a demo of the Reactable and participates in a Panel at CHI 2010, conference that takes place in Atlanta, USA, from the 10th to the 15th of April 2010.
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Chapter in book on Music Information Retrieval

J. Serrà, E. Gómez and P. Herrera have contributed with a chapter on audio cover identification in a book on Music Information Retrieval published by Springer-Verlag.


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