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Reactable and LoopMash at Sónar
A number of Reactable-based projects done at the MTG are being shown at the Sónar Festival from the 18th to the 21st of June 2009, within SonarMàtica. The works presented were developed by students from different UPF programs, such as the Master in Digital Arts, the Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media as well as the course Interactive Systems Workshop I which is part of the Computer Science Studies.

Also Steinberg presents LoopMash, software developed at the MTG and part of Cubase 5, at SonarPro. There will be demos by Maarten de Boer and Fokke de Jong, the MTG developers of LoopMash, with the collaboration of Guillamino.
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SMC Master students present their research projects

In these presentations all the students of the Master in Sound and Music Computing that are submiting their thesis in the academic year 2008-2009 will present the status of their projects.

22th June (Monday) morning, room 55.410

• 9:30. Autonomous Generation of Soundscapes using Unstructured Databases. Nate Finney
• 10:10. Representations and Control of the Spectral Model for Music Performance and Composition. Rich Eakin 
• 10:50. Expressive analysis of violin performers. Tan Hakan Ozaslan
• 11:30.  A machine learning approach to automatic accompaniement in improvised music. Dani Martín


22th June (Monday) afternoon, room 52.109

• 15:00. Tonal tension modeling based on audio chroma features. Agustín Martorell
• 15:40. Singing Voice Characterization in Polyphonic Audio. Anandhi Ramesh
• 16:20. My_Moods: Personalized Mood classification. Juan J. Cabrera
• 17:00 Music recognition. Cristian Quirante


23rd June (Tuesday) morning, room 52.201

• 9:30. Harmonic Audio Processing in Time Domain. Charalampos Christos G. Stamatopoulos
• 10:10. Real-time Guitar-Driven Synthesizer Design. Panagiotis Giotis
• 10:50. Harmonic Audio Processing in Frequency Domain. Stefan Huber
• 11:30. Non-stationary sinusoidal signal analysis. Saso Musevic


29th June (Monday) morning, room 55.410

• 9:30. Extending physical computing on the Reactable. Mathieu Bosi
• 10:10. Design of a Dynamic Sequencer for the Reactable. Leonardo Aldrey
• 10:50 DJ Playing Reactable. Robert Hutchinson
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SMC 2010 Conference and Summer School in Barcelona
The 7th Sound and Music Computing Conference and the Summer School will take place in Barcelona from the 18th to the 23rd of July 2010 at the Communication-Poblenou Campus of the UPF. It will be co-organized by MTG-UPF, Department of Sonology of ESMUC, and Phonos Foundation, with the support of the Audiovisual Institute of the UPF. 

The main Committe of the conference will be:

  • General Chair: Xavier Serra
  • Scientific Programme Chairs: Rafael Ramirez, Emilia Gomez, Perfecto Herrera
  • Music Programme Chair: Andrés Lewin-Rchter
  • Summer School Chair: Enric Guaus
  • Conference Organization Committee: Joan Serrà, Cyril Laurier, Mohamed Sordo, Salvador Gurrera, José Lozano

The SMC Conference is an international academic event thataims at promoting exchanges around all the topics related to sound and music computing. The SummerSchool complements the conference by promoting interdisciplinary education in the field.

In october 2009 the call for participation for the conference will be made.

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Estudiants de Secundaria becats per Caixa Catalunya per fer recerca amb el MTG
El MTG col·labora amb el Programa Joves i Ciència que l'Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya realitza aquest estiu. Deu estudiants de secundaria han estat seleccionats per participar en el projecte "Els Sons de la Natura" que es farà al Centre Natura Caixa Catalunya a Planes de Son del 30 de juny al 12 de juliol del 2009. Emilia Gomez i Jordi Bonada seran els professors i coordinadors d'aquest projecte. A més, dos estudiants de primer de batxillerat, estudiants de la promoció de l'any 2008, treballaran al MTG durant el mes de Juliol en projectes de recerca sota la supervisió d'investigadors del MTG.
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Participación en el I Congreso Interdisciplinar Investigación y Flamenco
Emilia Gómez participa en el I Congreso Interdisciplinar Investigación y Flamenco (INFLA) que se celebra en Sevilla los dias 8 y 9 de Junio del 2009 con una ponencia sobre "Aproximación interdisciplinar al análisis melódico de los cantes a  capella".
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Contributions to a special issue of Connection Science

The issues 2 & 3 in volume 21 (2009) of Connection Science are dedicated to Music, Brain & Cognition. Hendrick Purwins has been one of the special editors (editorial of the issue) and there are two articles with authors from the MTG.

This special issue on Music, Brain, & Cognition aims to shed light on some of the key issues in current and future music research and technology. Cognitive Musicology was envisaged by Seifert (1993) and Leman (1994) to be composed from diverse dis- ciplines such as brain research and artificial intelligence striving for a more scientific understanding of the phenomenon of music. One and a half decades following the special issue on Music and Creativity in Connection Science, edited by Griffith and Todd (1994), this issue, again, demonstrates how the horizons in the field have continued to expand.



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Seminar by Bob Sturm on the use of Sparse Approximation for musical signals

On thursday June 4th at 3pm in room 52.321 Bob Sturm, from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, will give a seminar on "Sparse Approximation and Some of its Applications to Analysis, Visualization, and Transformation of Acoustic and Musical Signals".

 Abstract: Sparse approximation attempts to model a signal using few terms selected from a large set of functions (atoms) that can be defined with minimal restrictions. Even though research in this area began more than 15 years ago within the signal processing field, the computational costs associated with applying sparse approximation to audio data have remained prohibitive until recently. Thus, such applications are just now beginning to be explored. In my work I specifically address the use of sparse approximation to facilitate representations of audio data to provide a rich interface to the contents of such signals for purposes of analysis, extraction, and modification. This talk will present an overview of this work.

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Presentation of the MTG at the Earzoom Festival in Slovenia

Xavier Serra gives a presentation about the research activities of the MTG at Sonic Arts Festival “EarZoom” that takes place during the months of May and June in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and that is organized by the Institute for Sonic Arts Research (IRZU).

The Sonic Arts Festival “EarZoom” is the first major project of IRZU and is featuring established European and American institutes conducting
similar activities. The festival is also aimed at creating a dialogue amongst other Slovenian institutions which are already running individual
cycles of contemporary music and sonic art.

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BMAT guanya el Premi EmprenedorXXI
BMAT, spin-off del MTG, ha guanyat l'edició catalana del Premi EmprenedorXXI, convocat per La Caixa y el Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo i promogut per l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Bmat, que rebrà 10.000 euros en metàl·lic i un programa de formació per accelerar el seu creixement, competirà en la fase final del certamen amb els emprenedors guanyadors del reste de comunitats espanyoles. Llavors el tres finalistes nacionals competiran amb unes altres 25 empreses mundials en la primera edició de la Global Entrepreneurship Competition.

El Premi EmprenedorXXI té per objectiu el premiar les empreses de creació recent més innovadores i amb un potencial de creixement més gran. 

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Information session on the postgraduate programs on Interactive Systems and Music Production

On Tuesday May 26th at 19:00h there will be an information session on the two postgraduate programs in Sonology offered by the UPF in close collaboration with ESMUC that will start in the academic year 2009-2010. The session will take place in room 55.410 of the Tanger building of the Comunication-Poblenou Campus of the UPF.

The two programs are:  Course in Music Production Techniques and Technology, Course in Design of Interactive Music Systems, and in the informative session, Enric Giné and Sergi Jordà, directors of the courses, will present the objectives and the academic content of the two programs.

You can register for the information session in here.

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